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Hobby Education during the State of Emergency (Czech Republic)

The COVID-19 epidemic did its best to paralyse society as a whole throughout 2020, including children and youth attending hobby and non-formal education institutions. However, it would be very presumptuous to say that activities of these organisations were completely paralysed.

In the Czech Republic, there are more than 300 leisure centres (“Houses of Children and Youth”) and more than 4,000 after-school care centres and school clubs. The vast majority (an exact number would be misleading) somehow managed to transfer part of their activities to the virtual world. They communicated remotely with members of their interest groups, departments, divisions, clubs or units. Online. Yes, you may ask how one can remotely rehearse choreography for group dances, train floorball, or go on a mineralogy field trip? After all, however, it is possible, as evidenced from the websites of individual organisations. It can also be seen from Facebook conversations of some of them.

There is definitely more than we can show you now. Many leisure facilities (Leisure Centres, Houses of Children and Youth, After-School Care Centres and School Clubs) did not prepare any online lessons for various reasons, including simply because they were kept busy sewing face masks. Or because they were commissioned to form groups for the children of the Integrated Rescue System staff and employees of hospitals and social care centres. Some facilities even tried to print protective shields on their 3D printers.
The truth seems to be that most hobby teachers did not sit at home twiddling their thumbs. Although their facilities were closed, these teachers, educators and care givers from after-school care centres and school clubs tried to do their bit for the common good during those difficult times, which were attacking our integrity, our cohesion and our sense of responsibility. All the hobby teachers tried to do their best to come out smelling of roses.

Below are some suggestions:

SVČ Pohořelice
“Paper Tulip”
SVČ Doris Šumperk
“Kolache” (Pastries)

DDM Veselí n.M.
“Entertaining Movement Game”

DDM Praha – Stodůlky

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