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Competence Center for International Youth Work and non-formal Education in Leipzig

Participative youth meetings are going on, we are planning a Greek-German Youth Exchange for August this year, we develop a computer simulation game, and Christian Schmidt-Rost is leaving our Competence Cente: this is work of the Competence Centre for International Youth Work and non-formal Education of KINDERVEREINIGUNG Leipzig e.V. in the second quarter of 2021.

wir weit weg (we far away) – Greek-German Youth Exchange in planning

Since October two groups of young people from Leipzig are meeting regularly (online and offline) to create their own international youth exchange in summer 2021. They are supported by two young peer-coaches, who have experiences in international youth work. This is part of the project wir weit weg (we far away).

The idea is that both groups will meet with a group of young Greek people in the Ore Mountains, Germany, in August this year. Due to the fact, that Corona-regulations let us face new situations nearly every day and the youngsters are quite tired of this as well, we hope, that the youth exchange will take place anyway and that we can overcome all the obstacles.


In May we have started our Strategic Partnership “gamesin.eu”, which is dedicated to elaborate a computer game to simulate international youth exchanges and participative youth work. We are a consortium of four partner organisations from Germany, Portugal, Finland and Greece. The start-up RotxBlau from Leipzig, Germany conducts the game development.

So far, we made a draft plan for the next 2,5 partnership years, are starting to set up the core game play loop and launch youth groups to contribute content and ideas and support the game development. In October, we will have our first physical meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece.


We are very sad to announce, that Christian Schmidt-Rost, who lead the department of International Youth Work at KINDERVEREINIGUNG Leipzig e.V. since 2014, is going to leave us by the end of September this year. He is heading for new professional challenges in the far north of Germany. He all the years was and still is a great colleague, professional in the field, networker and friend and his departure is a great loss for all of us. Nevertheless, we wish him all the best for this new period in his life. Babette Pohle is going to take over his position as the head of the Center.

And: We are very happy to have Pia Roß in our team since May this year. She is interning and a great support in all questions from group work with young people, over IT-questions up to networking.

eat support in all questions – from working with the groups, over IT-questions and networking.

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