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EAICY Strategy Meeting No. 1, 13th April 2021

On 13th April the 14 members of the EAICY network met for the first of four planning sessions, during which we want to develop a  new working and cooperating strategy. The aim is, to strengthen our network, to attract new member organizations and younger members and to establish high quality youth and staff projects.

During the first session we did initial brainstorming on expectations, fears and resources. Additionally we got to know some nice new energizer methods and digital tools. It got clear, that the members are both motivated and demotivated of being part in the network. On the one hand all members are very interested in getting to know new people, partner organizations, countries, cultures, methods and tools. On the other hand, it became clear, that it is difficult to keep together a big network like EAICY, especially as we all speak different languages, face different problems and strive for different goals. To find a common work ground will be the task during the next three meetings.

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